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DW Tree Specialists

Your premier Tree Surgeon in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire & North London

At DW Tree Specialists, we are highly skilled at carrying out different types of tree surgery and do our utmost to save any tree we can.

We work on trees on private and public land and have years of experience with problematic trees and how best to treat them.

From our base in Cheshunt, we cover a 20-mile radius, extending our services to Brookmans Park, Cuffley, Enfield, Epping, Harlow, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Loughton, Potters Bar and surrounding areas.

If you have concerns about a tree, we strongly advise you speak to your local tree surgeon in Cheshunt before attempting to climb up yourself.

Inspecting your tree

You might have some idea what the problem is with a tree, especially if it looks unstable, however, we need to take a thorough look at it. We will visit the site and access the entire tree, analysing its full health and scanning for dead wood and defects. Only once this is completed will we have a full picture of the treatment plan.

Our assessment is completely free of charge, so it is well worth getting peace of mind that a tree is not posing a threat.

Our tree surgery services

There is much more to being a tree surgeon than tree removal. In fact, tree felling is the last resort if we have exhausted all other options.  Read more to find out about some of our tree saving techniques.

Different treatments

The crown of a tree refers to its uppermost part – where the branches protrude from the trunk. It is the widest part of the tree so can be troublesome to the surrounding area if it gets out of hand.  Different types of crown surgery can be performed by our tree surgeons to help stabilise a tree.

  • Crown thinning – this involves pruning selected branches of the tree to reduce the trees overall density.
  • Crown lifting – refers to removing the lower branches of the tree to help stabilise the whole tree structure and clear the area closest to the ground.
  • Crown reduction – This involves removing the very top branches of the tree, significantly reducing the size of the tree canopy.

We also carry out pollarding treatments, which is a regular pruning exercise to help prevent excess growth and keep trees under control. What’s more, we will scan for diseases, like honey fungus, deadwood and will remove unhealthy branches, so they do not cause further problems.

Why choose DW Tree Specialists?

We are a family-run business and are proud of our ties to Cheshunt and the wider Hertfordshire area. Established in 2002, we have built a reputation for trustworthiness which is hard to compete with. Operating out of Cheshunt, we also serve the areas of Enfield and Cuffley, plus other locations within a 20-mile radius.

Tree surgery is not for the faint-hearted, but our team are calm and collected, even on the most challenging jobs. We are motivated more than anything to keep people safe, yet also care passionately about the environment and seek to protect and save as many trees as we can.

We are fully insured for all the work we carry out and follow all the correct industry procedures. That’s why we are one of the premier tree surgeons in the region.

Safety and responsibility

At DW Tree Specialists, we are a very responsible tree company and our workers are equipped with all the correct protective clothing, safety harnesses and always conduct themselves professionally.  

We have a team on the ground, making sure every treatment is carried out safely, plus we do all we can to respect and protect local wildlife.  

Here to help

Are you troubled by a tree near you? Give us a call today on 01992 721082 for free advice and on-site assessment.  Alternatively, why not EMAIL US