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A tree badly damaged by storms or neglect can be very hazardous, especially if it is near a road or footpath, so sometimes, tree felling is the only option.

Our tree surgeons at DW Tree Specialists are very experienced at taking down trees, a task that can be quite dangerous, if not managed correctly. We operate out of Cheshunt, serving the areas of Brookmans Park, Cuffley, Enfield, Epping, Harlow, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Loughton, Potters Bar and surrounding areas within a 20-mile radius.

Assessing the tree

Before we do anything, we need to see the tree in person, to assess the health and overall stability. This inspection will be carried out by one of our expert tree surgeons who will make a detailed analysis of the tree and the risk it poses.

We must reach a vulnerable tree as soon as possible, especially after a bad storm. That is why we carry out these types of inspections 7 days a week, on both private and public land.

We know trees inside out and are confident we will know exactly what we are dealing with once we have taken a look.

Alternatives to tree felling

Contrary to what many people think, tree felling is only a small part of our job. We do all we can to preserve trees, so will only fell a tree if no alternative treatment is available. Otherwise, we will try to perform tree surgery such as crown reduction and pollarding to save it. Sadly, some trees are beyond our help, so taking them down is the responsible thing to do.

Tree felling in Cheshunt, Hertford & Hertfordshire

The tree experts at DW Tree Specialists are extremely diligent when it comes to tree removal. It is not a job for just one person. We always have a team on the ground to oversee the whole procedure to make sure everything goes smoothly and the surrounding area is kept safe from falling debris.

Tree felling is a gradual process, with the tree surgeon working from top to bottom. We use chainsaws to cut away the tree branch by branch until we reach the ground. We take extra care when working near buildings and power lines, so as not to cause any damage or put anyone at risk.

Why choose us?

When it comes to felling trees, you want a trustworthy tree surgeon who knows the business inside out. At DW Tree Specialists, we have been trading since 2002 and have years of experience taking trees down. It is a responsible job and one for which our tree surgeons are highly qualified.

We can be relied upon to quickly access the situation and take swift action to carry out tree felling, removing the risk the tree poses. Being family-run, we have strong ties to Cheshunt, Enfield and Cuffley, plus offer our services anywhere in a 20-mile radius, taking in Brookmans Park, Epping, Harlow, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Loughton and Potters Bar.

We are a tree company dedicated to providing excellent customer service and are proud to be trusted by customers throughout Hertfordshire and North London.

Here to help

Are you concerned about a tree and think it might need to be cut down? You can call us 7 days a week for free advice and an onsite quotation on 01992 721082. Alternatively, why not EMAIL US