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DW Tree Specialists

Your premier Tree Specialists in Hertfordshire

DW Tree Specialists are premier tree surgeons in Hertfordshire.

We carry out tree-related services within a 20-mile radius of our base in Cheshunt, taking in the areas of Brookmans Park, Cuffley, Enfield, Epping, Harlow, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Loughton and Potters Bar.

We are all-round tree surgeons who perform tree surgery, tree removal, tree stump removal, plus garden planting and garden clearance. What’s more, we are also a leading supplier of firewood logs to customers throughout the Hertfordshire region. We have a level of professionalism that has been nurtured ever since we set up our tree company back in 2002. Our knowledge of trees is unparalleled, so you can trust us to give an expert opinion when it comes to a problem.

Tree surgery in Hertfordshire

We tend to different species of trees and have rarely come across an issue we have not dealt with in the past. Once we have carried out a complete inspection, we will draw up a treatment plan, which will be focused on saving the tree but ensuring it is safe and stable.

Any type of plant is susceptible to disease, but thankfully we know the signs to look out for and will take steps to restore a tree to its full health. This process could involve cutting away diseased sections of the tree to prevent the problem from getting worse.

We may have to perform more ambitious surgery, for example reducing the trees canopy, so that it carries less weight. If you are in Hertfordshire and have concerns about a tree on your land or in a public place, do not hesitate to contact us.

Tree removal and stump removal in Hertfordshire

Unfortunately, our surgeons cannot save every tree, and if it is a danger to the public, then the wise decision is to remove it. Tree removal must be carried out carefully, and we make sure all our tree surgeons are trained up on their power tools and fully suited in protective clothing before getting started.

A team will work together both up in the air and on the ground to make sure the tree is gradually reduced to no more than a stump.

All that is left is to take the stump out of the ground and grub out the excavation site, so you are fully rid of any roots.

Garden Maintenance in Hertfordshire

If you live anywhere in Hertfordshire, DW Tree specialists can help bring your garden vision to life.

Along with our highly-praised tree work, our tree company also offers a variety of garden plant and shrub plantng services to the residents of Hertfordshire and beyond.

If you need professionals to help tidy up, clear old cuttings and other garden waste, then we are on hand and do not mind getting our hands dirty.

A range of garden services

Some customers prefer a regular garden maintenance schedule, therefore we are happy to undertake weekly, fortnightly or monthly gardening services.  These are just a selection of our garden services:

Why choose DW Tree Specialists?

We are based here in Hertfordshire, so care very much about our reputation as a local tree surgeon you can trust. Since we started trading in 2002, we built up our business, employing tree surgeons with exceptional skills and dedication to what they do.

You can rely on us to be there for you 7 days a week and we will attend the site of a tree causing worry to give it a thorough inspection. All our employees are highly reliable and carry out their duties with professionalism. Plus, we are also fully insured for all tasks we carry out.

Here to help

Wherever you are in Hertfordshire, we are on hand to provide you with first-class tree surgery and more. Call us on 07932 655691, 01992 721082 to discuss any of our services further. Alternatively, you can EMAIL US.