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If you are looking for tree surgeons in Enfield who offer a wealth of tree-related services, then look no further than DW Tree Specialists.

We are situated in nearby Cheshunt and carry out work on both private and public land in Enfield and beyond.

Get in touch to discuss the services available in Enfield and we will be happy to help you.

When it comes to trees, we know the tell-tale signs of trouble, so if you are worried about a tree in the Enfield area, we are more than qualified to assess the situation. We carry out tree surgery, tree removal, stump removal and garden maintenance. We are a family-run local tree surgeon with strong links across the Hertfordshire region, travelling from Cheshunt to areas within a 20-mile radius, including Brookmans Park, Cuffley, Epping, Harlow, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Loughton, Potters Bar and of course, Enfield.

Tree surgery in Enfield

Trees, just like any sort of plant, require attention and maintenance to help them thrive. However, due to their scale, unruly trees can be a hazard to buildings and the people around them.

Tree felling is only something we do as a last resort; therefore, our first task is to give a hazardous tree an examination. This will access its overall health and stability so we can zone in on any weak areas.

Tree surgery might require us cutting away old rotten branches or something more drastic, like thinning the crown to reduce its overall density. No one tree is the same, so we will tailor our treatment plan accordingly.

Tree removal and stump removal in Enfield

We do our utmost to preserve any tree we can but sometimes cutting a tree down is the only option. DW Tree Specialists know this can be a difficult undertaking, so we take steps to protect our workers and the public. We do this through teamwork, with our ground team communicating with the tree surgeons up in the canopy who carefully bring the tree down to the ground.

The remaining stump will also be pulled from the ground and the site fully grubbed out to remove any roots left behind.

Garden Maintenance in Enfield

Want your Enfield garden to be the envy of all your neighbours? DW Tree Specialists are on hand for various garden planting projects, such as planting shrubs and other foliage. We can clear old cuttings, remove weeds and disperse fallen leaves.

Once we have packed up and gone home, all that will be left for you to do is enjoy your lovely new garden.

A range of garden services

Our professional garden services also include weekly, fortnightly or monthly gardening services for our customers that require a regular garden maintenance routine.  These are just a few of our expect garden services:

Why choose DW Tree Specialists?

Since we launched our tree company in 2002, we have prided ourselves on our care and commitment to quality tree surgery. Each of our workers brings an unmatched level of expertise and always conduct themselves professionally.

The life of a tree surgeon carries risk; however, you will always find us calm under pressure and ready to put your mind at rest. You can ask us to inspect a troublesome tree any day of the week, plus we do not charge any call out fees.

We are fully insured to carry out all our services, so you can relax and place your trust in our hands.

Here to help

We are here for our valued customers in Enfield. So if you want to discuss our services in more detail, call us on 07932 655691, 01992 721082 and we will be glad to speak to you. Alternatively, you can EMAIL US.