Firewood Logs in Cheshunt, Hertford & across Hertfordshire

DW Tree Specialists

Your premier Firewood Logs in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire & North London

DW Tree Specialists are involved in more than tree removal and tree surgery.

We provide firewood logs to residential and commercial clients and offer competitive prices, without compromising on quality.

We are also a trusted supplier of firewood logs and provide them to customers within 20-miles of our base in Cheshunt, taking in the areas of Brookmans Park, Cuffley, Enfield, Epping, Harlow, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Loughton and Potters Bar.

Naturally seasoned firewood in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire & North London

Seasoning refers to the process of removing moisture from the wood by letting it dry naturally or using a kiln.

We work with only the best seasoned hardwoods, including oak, maple, ash and beech.  You can order firewood from us in bulk and keep it stacked up, so you can easily fetch some more when you next need it.

Seasoned firewood is highly recommended for open fires and types of wood-burning stoves. It burns much more slowly and retains heat, making it more cost-effective. It is generally seasoned during the summer months, ready for use over winter.

Benefits of hardwood logs

Even in today’s modern world of central heating, open fires are still hugely appealing. Despite the number of artificial logs available, real timber still holds some distinct advantages. Below are just some of the reasons you should switch from artificial to real hardwood logs:

  • Can burn for up to 5 hours
  • More heat efficient
  • Less smoke
  • Less soot
  • Versatile

Firewood delivered to your door

Our tree company deliver quality firewood to your home or place of business. Whether to fuel a roaring open fire or to light a stove, our logs offer long-lasting heat that is hard to match. We have a steady supply of hardwood logs and our premises are always bursting with fresh stock.

There is nothing quite like the rustic charm of real wood fire logs. Even when not used for fuel, they can be arranged into stacks and piles and make an attractive decorative feature in any setting. 

When you place an order with us, you will be able to choose a delivery date that ties in with your schedule and we will arrive with your firewood exactly when you expect us.

Why choose DW Tree Specialists?

We have been trading since 2002 and during that time have established ourselves as one of the most reliable tree surgeons and firewood suppliers in the Hertfordshire region.

We commit ourselves to excellent customer service, so when acquiring firewood logs from us you will always have a pleasant experience, from the point of order to the moment you are sat in front of a cosy warm fireplace.

Here to help

Do you want to hear more about the firewood on offer from your local tree surgeon?  Give DW Tree Specialists a call today on 07932 655691, 01992 721082 to talk about the stock we have available. Alternatively, you can EMAIL US.